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Dear Clients and Visitors,

I have been helping California child care providers and other small business owners since 1999. If you have employees or you're planning to hire someone, please visit the FCC Payroll Page and let me know if you have any questions.

Earlier this year, I heard from a child care provider who has always treated her assistant as an independent contractor. When tax time came around, the assistant's husband is upset that she is receiving a Form 1099-MISC, rather than a Form W-2. He understood that the taxes on 1099 income are higher. Unfortunately, he can easily get this provider in trouble over this if he wants to.

If you are interested in income tax preparation, I very much regret to tell you that I have retired from income tax preparation. I am taking new payroll clients only.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Send me an email or call me at 800-616-1268 or 510-745-7275.

Yours truly,

Alison T. Jacks, Owner


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