Payroll Services

FCC Payroll Affordable, friendly service for California day care providers, childcare centers, preschools, and other California small businesses.

Child care business owners know how important it is to 
hire the best assistants and treat them properly...

We make it easy to pay your employees!



  • Convenient - Enter employee hours for each payday through our secure website
  • Comprehensive - All payroll tax forms and payments are handled for you
  • Economical - Lower cost compared to the big payroll companies
  • Knowledgeable - Prompt and courteous customer service

Our Low Price: $55 per month (or $150 for three months) for most child care providers

FCC Payroll is full service payroll provider. All you do is write and distribute biweekly employee paychecks, based on  paystubs we provide. Or you can pay employees electronically through  direct deposit.

Payroll clients enter employee hours through our secure web page every two weeks, according to our FCC Payroll Calendar. We calculate employee tax withholding and net pay and send out paycheck stubs via email. We schedule your tax deposits and let you know in advance the amount to be withdrawn from your bank account. At the end of each three-month calendar quarter we submit payroll tax returns, providing hard copies for your records. In January, we prepare and submit the annual forms and provide a Form W-2 for each of your employees.

General child care assistants do not qualify to be treated as  1099 independent contractors. Even a helper working minimal hours should be treated as an employee. It is best to do things correctly from the beginning. Next best is to switch over to treating a long-time worker as an employee before it becomes an issue. We can help you through the process. Don't hesitate to  contact us for guidance regarding your specific situation.

Our Payroll Tax Guide  provides a complete overview of the various Federal and California payroll taxes and forms, all of which we handle for you. Note that some payroll taxes do not apply to certain  family employees, which means that you can save money by hiring parents, spouses, or children under the age of 21.