Daycare Tax Tips

What's the best software for our daycare business?

Alison suggests a couple of options

A family child care provider writes:

>Would you mind telling us the best software to purchase for our daycare business? We would like to keep our records better than last year.

Better record-keeping is a great goal. It's one of the most straightforward ways to reduce the income and self-employment tax you pay and keep more of your hard-earned dollars. You may earn a higher hourly rate working on your bookkeeping than you do caring for children!

Many child care providers I know are using Minute Menu Kids Pro. This web-based software grew out of the Redleaf Press Calendar-Keeper product (which is a good record-keeping option for providers who prefer a paper method). You subscribe annually and enter your data, which is stored on their servers. I like this from a backup point of view. I have had several clients lose all their tax data when their computer hard drive died.

Minute Menu Kids Pro is geared for family child care and lets you track time and meals, as well as all your home and business expenses, including auto mileage. The year-end reports are good for tax preparation purposes. You can try the software free for 30 days. Last I checked, the cost for Minute Menu Kids Pro was $69.95 for the first year and $39.95 for annual renewals, with a 10% discount offered to members of the National Association for Family Child Care.

Other providers are using Kidkeeper, which is a standalone childcare management software program that you purchase and then pay to upgrade, as necessary. I don't know much about this software, but it gets good reviews from some providers who use it. Last I checked, the cost was $245 for the full version and $75 for upgrades.

Last updated 18 June 2013

Posted on 2009-06-23 23:20:58