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Ignore Phony Social Security Administration E-Mails

First the IRS, now the SSA - Always Beware!

Back in September, I warned clients to ignore the glut of e-mails being sent with the title "Notice of Underreported Income" and seeming to come from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Now I'm receiving multiple e-mail messages seemingly from the Social Security Administration (SSA) with titles like this:

Watch for errors on your Social Security statement
Review your annual Social Security statement

I don't really blame those who accidentally click on the links contained in these messages, because they look quite legitimate. The senders are counting on the fact that a good percentage of us will click on the link before engaging our brains.


Government agencies do NOT send out notices or other unsolicited messages by email.

Government agencies will NOT ask you to follow links in messages.

ALWAYS BE SUSPICIOUS if you receive unsolicited e-mail from the SSA or the IRS or any other entity (such as your bank or credit card company).

Here's one variation of the messages I received today:

From: "Social Security Administration" <>
Subject: Review your annual Social Security statement
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 13:43:32 -0300

Due to possible identity theft, your annual Social Security statement may contain errors.

Use the link below to review your annual Social Security statement:

Review your annual Social Security statement

This e-mail has been sent from an auto-notification system that cannot accept incoming e-mail.

This is nothing but MALICIOUS SPAM and you should NOT click on the link. If you do you will likely end up with some sort of scumware/spyware/virus on your computer. This is not such a worry for MAC users, but PC users must be very careful.

Last updated 23 November 2009

Posted on 2009-11-24 00:45:23