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Ever Wonder if Your Microwave Oven Leaks Radiation?

Another health tip for child care providers and others

Use this great trick from the Bottom Line Personal Newsletter (where I read about Magda Havas and her work on the biological effects of environmental contaminants) to determine if your microwave oven leaks radiation:

Put your cell phone inside the microwave oven and close the door (do NOT turn on the microwave). Call the cell phone number. If you hear the phone ring, the cell phone signal was able to pass through the walls of the oven--meaning that microwaves are able to pass out.

Microwaves passing out is bad news, because then they run into us, our family members, day care children, etc.

I just tested my oven and I'm happy to say that the phone did not ring, so it must not leak. I will test again in the future. Once the oven is old enough to leak, it's outta here! The only other option with a leaky microwave is to leave the room when it is operating and who's going to do that?

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Posted on 2009-11-25 22:00:46