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How best to find a good tax professional

A family child care provider writes:

>I know you do not complete daycare taxes for non-California residents, but could you recommend a good way to find one locally? I live in Charlotte, NC and while yes there are a slew of accountants and tax preparers, instinctively I have not been satisfied.

We are opting not to use our tax guy of a few years. He's made some really big mistakes for our personal taxes. I do not feel comfortable giving him our business taxes, too. Any help you provide is surely appreciated!

I commend you for trusting your instincts and changing tax preparers. Have you read my article entitled How to Find a Tax Preparer?

It has a link to the NAFCC tax preparer directory. Preparers in that directory have not been vetted in any way, but they do have an interest in working with child care providers. I haven't looked to see how many there are from North Carolina.

Many Enrolled Agents and other tax professionals are very experienced with home businesses. As long as you have enough education to understand some of the quirks that apply to child care businesses (time/space business percentage on the home office form, taking depreciation for home furnishings, etc.), such tax preparers should do a good job for you. Educate them regarding your specific issues, if necessary. If they resist your input, look elsewhere for help.

Last updated 12 October 2011

Posted on 2009-12-15 03:39:27