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Family child care providers owe it to themselves to learn as much as possible about record-keeping and taxes, as well as other important business issues, such as contracts, policies, insurance, and legal issues. You are in the best position to look out for your own interests. My tax clients are important partners in the process of preparing an advantageous and accurate income tax return. To get the best result, we have to work together.

Your most valuable resources:

Publications from author Tom Copeland, along with his on-site and web-based training opportunities.

Also workshop handouts and other valuable resources.

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Tom Copeland is an attorney who has been a strong advocate for family child care providers since 1981, often interfacing with the Internal Revenue Service on their behalf, proposing new rules to benefit their businesses, and assisting with audits. He is the author of numerous child care business and tax publications. Reading his books and taking his courses is a great way to educate yourself and will help you work together with a tax preparer to get the best result on your tax return.

Tom's Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide includes a comprehesive list of tax deductible expenses and much, much more. Every daycare provider (and every tax preparer working with daycare providers) should have a copy. If you are preparing your own tax return, his Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer is essential. The Tax Companion will help you work with a tax preparer.

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Last updated 3 February 2016

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