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Child Care Business Liability Insurance is a Must

Are you adequately protected against a lawsuit?

Do you have liability insurance that is specific to your home child care business? Something that is not simply an addendum to your regular homeowner's or renter's policy?

If not, I suggest that you contact an agent who works regularly with child care providers.
Compare rates and talk about the type of coverage they offer. My understanding is that stand-alone business policies are more comprehensive, offering greater protection against
the many, unique, child care situations that could lead to a lawsuit.

I have personally come across two insurance companies that provide business liability insurance specifically for child care providers in California and other states:

DC Insurance Services, Inc.
Se habla español.
Encino, California

Assure Child Care
Saint Paul, Minnesota

You can also check out this insurance directory that Tom Copeland has posted on his site.

Neither Tom nor I can recommend any particular insurance carrier or agent, but feel free to compare coverage and cost for companies that offer policies in your state.

Last updated 7 June 2014

Posted on 2013-11-19 18:32:44