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Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Due Dates

Pay by the dates shown to avoid an underpayment penalty

2016 Estimated Tax Due Dates:

First Quarter: April 18, 2016
Second Quarter: June 15, 2016
Third Quarter: September 15, 2016
Fourth Quarter: January 17, 2017*

*You do not have to make the January payment, if you file your tax return by February 2 and pay the entire balance due with your return.

Paying quarterly is the best way to avoid penalties, but you can make an estimated tax payment any time. It doesn't really matter what due date is shown on the payment voucher, so long as the tax year is correct. Keep a record of the amounts and the dates that you make your payments.

Scroll to the end of Form 1040-ES to find the payment vouchers and mailing addresses for federal payments. You can type your information into the vouchers and print them. If you register on the EFTPS Website, you can make payments through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

California estimated tax payments can be made using Form 540-ES payment vouchers or through the Franchise Tax Board's Web Pay service.

IMPORTANT: When paying by check, always include your social security number, the form number, and the tax year on your check.

See my estimated tax article for further information.

Last updated 3 February 2016

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